Hand Sanitizer SP Newgel and SP Newgel 3 achieve FDA certification

   The good news for businesses who want to export Hand Sanitizer (without using water) to the US market and the international market, on June 2, 2020, SP Newgel and SP Newgel 3 products Phuong Nam Pharma Company with ingredients: 80% Ethanol, Glycerin, Hydrogen peroxide, purified water UPS according to WHO formula has received the FDA certification of the US Food and Drug Administration. This is a certification of the quality and reliability of SP Newgel and SP Newgel 3 products not only in the US market but also in the International market.

Ảnh 1- Hand Sanitizer SP Newgel and SP Newgel 3

So what is FDA certification?

   FDA standards are the strict requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to monitor the safety of products in its regulatory list for sale in the United States.

Ảnh 2- FDA headquarters in the United States

   The FDA standard is one of the world's leading standards for protecting and promoting public health. Businesses will not be allowed to export products to the US market without registration.

   FDA certificate will guarantee the ingredients, the dosage allowed and absolutely safe for users. Products in the US with FDA certification are always highly appreciated in the world market.

   To achieve US FDA certification, manufacturing facilities must comply with cGMP-current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations. cGMP is a production regulation according to a general rule including:

  • Technology
  • Production process
  • Manufacturing equipment and product standards must conform to industry standards
  • New technological and scientific inventions at the time of application.

Hand Sanitizer SP Newgel and SP Newgel 3

   Researched and developed by a team of experienced and dedicated employees, the product is manufactured in a factory that meets WHO GMP standards to ensure quality for users.

   With the use of effective antibacterial hand cleaning, SP Newgel 3 hand sanitizer is completely skin-friendly, especially without the need to rinse with water after use.

   Hand Sanitizer SP Newgel and SP Newgel 3 products of Southern Pharma Co., Ltd. (Southern Pharma) are now reliable, affordable products trusted by consumers, with FDA certification for the product line. SP Newgel and SP Newgel 3 demonstrate the brand's affirmation, helping to reinforce consumers' trust in the company's products.

Phuong Nam Pharma Company is processing domestic and abroad, meeting all conditions ready to export to foreign markets ... according to customer needs.

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