Newgifar Shampoo Solution

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Characteristics: Shampoos NEWGIFAR is specially formulated pharmaceuticals containing Ketocnazol, anti fungal imidazole group has broad spectrum antifungal, acting on the most pathogenic fungi by making ergosterol synthesis disorders is essential components weakness of fungal cell membranes.

Ingredent: Ketoconazole 2%


+ Pityriasis versicolor wide area of the body.

+ Dandruff.

+ Mushroom hair, hair breakage.

+ Inflammation of the scalp itching and peeling, itching and peeling skin inflammation on the body.

Contraindication: Hypersensitive with ketoconazole.

Caution: To avoid skin irritation can occur when using Newgifar immediately after a course of treatment lasting corticosteroid spot in the same position, wait 2 weeks since stopped using topical corticosteroids before starting the medication Newgifar .

Usage and dosage:

+ Read the prescription carefully or as directed by physician, doctor, pharmacist.

+ Normally, when shampooing and infected skin with dandruff shampoo shampoo Newgirar should allow contact with the hair and scalp for a few seconds before flushing.

+ Pityriasis versicolor wide area of the body: Taking bath soap shampoo replaced 01 times per day for 5 days or more depending on how much versicolor mushroom.

+ Dandruff, Seborrheic dermatitis, inflammation, itching, hair mushrooms: Rinse NEWGIFAR Use 2 times per week for 4 weeks.

Preventive treatment:

+ The use of drugs a few times after the show takes the symptoms.

+ Dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis: a week or two weeks to dandruff shampoo once and seborrheic dermatitis did not relapse again.

+ Pityriasis versicolor: 1 time / 1 day for 3 days, reserve a single phase in early summer.

Drug Interactions: No

Presentation: bottles of 25ml, 100ml, pack 6ml

EX: 24 months from date of manufacture.

Storage: Store in a cool place, away from light

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